Change the Course of Your Child's Future

Some students will succeed at almost any school. We are not for those students.

The World is Our Classroom

Field trips, on-site learning and real-world internships. We turn the world into a classroom.

The Parkmont Program

Our day isn't like a day at other schools. It's more focused, less pressured, and more interactive.

Parkmont Poetry Festival

The Parkmont Poetry Festival celebrates its 33rd year of showcasing the poetry and voices of D.C. area youth on May 2nd.

Student Exhibitions Night

In May we hosted our 4th Annual Student Exhibitions Night. This is an event open to all families, where academic, internship, & art work is on display by each student. It is a wonderful opportunity to see how hard our teachers and students are working each day, learning about so many facets of our world.

One of the highlights of the night is always the internships display. Each advisory creates an internship board, where they show each of their students' internships on a city map, and then the students write about their favorite experiences at their internships. One student, working at A Wider Circle, wrote, "The best thing about my internship is that I get to make a difference in someone's life." Another student, who works at Breads Unlimited Bakery, wrote, "The best two things about my internship are that the employees are so nice, and I get free donuts!"

We also saw arts displays, including pring making and ceramics. We saw academic projects around the building: short novels written by middle schoolers, speech and debate videos, World Georgraphy travel guides, Psychology infographics, and more. Students and parents were given a scavenget hunt, where they had to find the answers among the projects to a number of tough questions.

To top it all off, parents brought a delicious array of potluck items! At the end of the evening, we were treated to a few Parkmont Poetry Festival winning poem recitations, as well as a narrated slide show of the Ecology Everglades trip last month. It was a wonderful evening and really showcased Parkmont's dynamic and creative approach to learning.  

Parkmont Poetry Festival

Last weekend, Parkmont School hosted its 33rd Annual Poetry Festival.

Middle Schoolers Tackle Calleva's Ropes Course

Just before Spring Break, the middle school took one of our favorite adventure trips of the year, to the Calleva Ropes Course!  The students got outside of their comfort zones and overcame their fear of heights by completing four ropes course challenges.  Three of them were "high elements," which meants getting up to thirty feet off the ground.  The first, Bauer's Bonanza, required students to communicate with their peers on the ground in order to cross wooden beams fifteen feet off the ground.  The groups's favorite challenge, the Giant Swing, got everyone's adrenaline pumping.  Students were hoisted thirty feet in the air, and then pulled a clip to drop themselves.

Parkmont Gardeners Give Back to the Neighborhood

The afternoon gardening class has completed an exciting project for the neighborhood. Over the winter, when the grounds were too frozen to dig, students built and painted a borrowing library where students, faculty, neighbors, and passers-by can give or take books for others' enjoyment. The inventory is always changing, and it is wonderful especially for those waiting for the bus each day! The class and Cari Rudd, their creative gardening instructor, also donated and installed a park bench by the library and bus stop. The corner of Blagden and Sixteenth Street is now a much more welcoming spot than it has ever been before. Thank you to Cari and to her hard-working students!

Art at Parkmont

This session there are two art offerings during the afternoon class period. One group is taking "Independent Studio" with Rose. Rose, as many of you know, not only works at Parkmont, but is a local artist and illustrator, too. Most of the group is doing print making, or creating comic books, and one student is painting. The print making group is working on making linoleum block prints, using a super hero theme. Some of the comic book students are has also adapted this theme, making comic books about superheroes, and some even making some of their comics using linoleum block prints.    

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