Every year, Parkmont takes academic trips and adventure trips, around the city and around our globe.

The Internship Program

Upper School students spend six hours per week getting real work experience at internship sites.

The Parkmont Poetry Festival

Celebrating the words of our youth!  The 35th Annual Poetry Festival will be held on April 29, 2017.

Individualized Learning

Parkmont features small classes, connections with teachers, a simplified school day, and individualized learning.

The World is our Classroom

Parkmont students learn out in the world--on mountain tops, at city museums, at local internship sites.

Learning Made Fun

Fostering Individual Growth and Enthusiasm for Learning

Passing Notes

We are pleased to publish Parkmont School's Passing Notes from Sessions 1 & 2. 

Please take a look and enjoy!

Heading into the Holidays

Our Upper School students had a wonderful treat this week when they got to go to the movies with their Reading Groups.

Willa's and Ron's reading groups went to see Loving, which was tied to their respective Reading Group themes of race and historic events.  Bridget's mythology and storytelling Reading Group went to see Fantastic Beasts (the new Harry Potter installment.)  Nijole's language Reading Group went to see Arrival.  The various groups went to Silver Spring and Georgetown to see their films.

The afternoon was a great change of pace, and the students had a vey relaxing time, that was followed by very interesting film discussions in their classes afterwards. 

Students last day is Wednesday, December 21st. We hope everyone has a wonderful holiday break!

The World Needs Your Novel!

In the Middle School this past month, students in Nijole and Willa's English classes have been taking part in NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month.)

Young Writers Program started the NaNoWriMo project, believing in "the transformational power of creativity." "The World Needs Your Novel" is their motto.  Students set their own writing goals for the month.  Their monthly goals ranged from 5,000 words to 11,000 words, and they establish nightly goals within that, putting their pen to paper daily. 

Field Day

Parkmont Students departed campus on Tuesday afternoon for a fun, community-building Field Day.

The afternoon was organized by Bridget and was a huge success.  Middle School and Upper School students participated in a variey of fun challenges, including a Three-Legged Race, Chicken Relay (involving holding tennis balls between your knees), Egg Toss, Silent Art Race (acting out pictures), and Spoon and Egg Relay.

This was followed by a full-school Capture the Flag Game.  The group played two rounds based on advisory group.  The games were a great way to learn about sportsmanship and athletic competition.

A New Session at Parkmont

Session Two began at Parkmont last week. Students maintain the same Reading Group and math classes, but they have new Main Lessons and Afternoon Classes.  Main Lesson offerings in the Middle School this session were World Geography and Ecology.  In the Upper School, students chose between Chemistry, Spanish, Psychology, Physics, and Research Writing. 

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