We engage our students ...

Academics at Parkmont are college preparatory while building academic skills in a highly engaging format. Classes are designed for our kids. Students learn equivalent skills, facts, history, and writing as at another independent school, but here it is hands-on, project-based, out in the world, and engaging in a way that integrates subjects across curriculum areas. They learn how to learn. And how to love learning. They are challenged and supported simultaneously.

Our goal at Parkmont is to have our students walk onto a college campus and be ready for that level of learning: be prepared to write complicated essays, think critically, read constantly, make connections, and understand how to discuss and debate. They are not going through the motions of simply “passing chemistry” here. They're understanding chemistry, and why it is important.

At Parkmont, our daily structure is unique. The “Main Lesson” daily structure allows our students to get in-depth on a subject for seven weeks, and then start fresh when that session is over. Main Lesson classes include science, history, geography, English & literature, foreign language, religion, art & music history, politics, and art classes. Some Main Lessons incorporate two or more subject areas. For example, a Capitalism class will cover economics, history, and political science. A History of Alaska class will cover History, Ecology, and Anthropology.

We follow the D.C. standards for graduation, so by the time a student has graduated they have gained at least 23.5 credits carefully allocated among English, Math, Science, U.S. History, D.C. History, U.S. Government, Geography, Foreign Language, Physical Education, and the Arts. To see a sample description of courses offered in a given year, please see our course catalog.

Upper School students also have “Reading Group” three times a week, and Middle School students have English daily. Reading Group classes are also multi-disciplinary and include English, Social Studies, and sometimes even Science. The emphasis is on reading and writing.

In addition to Main Lesson and Reading Group, students take math daily. Math at Parkmont is dynamic and challenging but also calibrated to the individual. Students can change math classes as needed, and there is always support and/or challenge.

Three times per week students take an “afternoon class,” where they get to explore arts, physical education, theater, or discuss in more depth a travel class.

See how the Middle and Upper School programs are tailored to teach students of different ages and stages of development.