If you’re considering Parkmont...

We believe there is a need for a school for students who require greater positive reinforcement and more one-to-one interaction, to thrive, to overcome challenges, to course-correct, and to get on a path of continued success.

We offer what we call a radically different academic structure. Our day doesn’t look or feel like the day at other schools. It’s more focused on fewer courses, with more attention from teacher to student, less pressure, and more interaction. It does not throw a barrage of information at students and test for mastery. It allows students to absorb and question. It is highly flexible, not cookie-cutter or rigid, but modified to the learning and/or emotional needs of each student. Students progress at their own pace with confidence and assuredness.

Parkmont is transitional — providing a path from struggling to a path of success. Our students may enter with challenges. But they leave ready to challenge and to conquer. We may be the only school that is proud when a student leaves us to go back to a public or independent school to finish their education. If we have helped that student get “back on track,” we’ve done our job. Of course, we’re equally proud when a student graduates from Parkmont and heads off to college and a career in a field he or she originally discovered at Parkmont.

And Parkmont is transformational. We change the course of student’s futures.

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