Parkmont's school year

Beginning of Each Session

Upper School students need to be current by the second day of the session on all their fines and community service from the previous session in order to attend classes. Students are encouraged to make up their fines and community service throughout the session, rather than wait until the last day.

Last Day of Each Session

Upper School students will have time, if needed, to do writing for their Internship templates. There is no school for students who are current with their templates. Upper School students are expected to go to their Internships in the afternoon.

Middle School students will do special trips and be finished at 12 noon.

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2021-2022 Session Schedule At-a-Glance

Session Start End
Session I Sept. 7 Oct. 29
Session II Nov. 2 Dec. 22
Session III Jan. 3 Feb. 18
Session IV Feb. 28 April 15
Session V April 25 June 10

Parkmont School Calendar

Mon. 8/30/21 Faculty Returns
Thu. 9/02/21 Upper School Orientation 9 am - Noon
Thu. 9/02/21 Middle School Orientation 1 pm - 2:30 pm
Tue. 9/07/21 First Day of School: Session I Begins
Fri. 9/10/21 Teacher Workshop Noon Dimissal
Tue. 9/28/21 US Back to School Night
Tue. 10/05/21 MS Back to School Night
Fri. 10/08/21 Teacher Workshop Noon Dimissal
Mon. 10/11/21 Federal Holiday No School
Fri. 10/29/21 Session I Ends MS Noon Dismissal
Mon. 11/01/21 Teacher Workshop No School
Tue. 11/02/21 Session II Begins
Thu. 11/18/21 Family Potluck Dinner
Wed. 11/24/21 to Sun. 11/28/21 Thanksgiving Break No School
Wed. 12/22/21 Session II Ends MS Noon Dismissal
Thu. 12/23/21 to Sun. 1/02/22 Holiday Break No School
Mon. 1/03/22 Session III Begins
Mon. 1/17/22 MLK Day Federal Holiday No School
Wed. 1/26/22 MS Ski Trip
Fri. 1/28/22 MS Noon Dismissal MS Noon Dismissal
Wed. 2/02/22 US Ski Trip
Fri. 2/18/22 Session III Ends MS Noon Dismissal
Sat. 2/19/22 to Sun. 2/27/22 Winter Break No School
Mon. 2/28/22 Session IV Begins
Fri. 3/18/22 Teacher Workshop No School
Fri. 4/15/22 Session IV Ends MS Noon Dismissal
Sat. 4/16/22 to Sun. 4/24/22 Spring Break No School
Mon. 4/25/22 Session V Begins
Sat. 4/30/22 Parkmont Poetry Festival
Fri. 5/13/22 Spring Exhibition & Potluck Noon Dimissal
Mon. 5/30/22 Memorial Day No School
Tue. 6/07/22 MS Moving up Ceremony (Last MS Day) Noon Dimissal
Wed. 6/08/22 MS Trip
Fri. 6/10/22 Session V Ends for US
Sun. 6/12/22 Upper School Graduation
Fri. 6/17/22 Last Faculty Day