Why Families Choose Parkmont
Dear Families...

Fifty years ago, Parkmont's founding parents envisioned a program that fostered relationships between adolescents and energetic adults, and dynamic use of the school day to connect learning with the world beyond. We've continually evaluated and updated that program to create maximum value to students who often need exceptional help. Our mission is to prepare those students for success in college or a smooth transition back into neighborhood public schools or more traditional independent high schools.

Why do families choose Parkmont to help their children become more skilled, confident and ambitious young adults? We have proven we can improve their children’s future using these ideas and initiatives:

  1. Making sure that the challenges each student encounters in every class and activity are compelling and realistic by constantly recalibrating their schooling using our first-hand familiarity with their strengths and capacities.
  2. Respecting students’ learning differences and energizing their quest to develop abilities and interests by building a curriculum that will excite them to participate.
  3. Creating for each student a set of constructive ongoing conversations that include families and teachers to help them find their own way to take responsibility for the course of their future.
  4. Relentlessly expanding Parkmont’s classrooms and opportunities for study, work, and adventure, on our campus, throughout our city and the Mid-Atlantic region, and further afield.
  5. Embracing the uncertainties of human development and dedicating our program to encourage and engage students whose timing or course is different from “the norm.”

Does this work? This June, we'll graduate a group of students, many of whom were already skeptical about their own fitness for the world when they started here at age 11 or 12. We gave them targets they could hit, sent them exploring, and watched them return amazed and energized by what they saw. We helped them understand that we are all gifted and all challenged in our own ways. What a difference it made to each of them to have some help along the way.


Ron McClain
Head of School