It takes a village...

Parkmont School is a strong community where everyone involved with a student contributes to his or her success. A student’s parents or guardians, her teachers, her friends all play a role in that child’s success. We pay close attention to these relationships to make sure lines of communication are clear and as positive as possible.


Our staff are deeply committed to working with each of our students and ensuring individual success. Teachers are hired because of their energy, their commitment, their knowledge in a subject area (or two!), their connection with kids, and their ability to adapt and create a flexible, engaging curriculum.

Because of Parkmont’s small size, our students work with almost all of the teachers here during their tenure. Faculty members often serve simultaneously as a math teacher, advisor, and PE teacher. We have great faculty retention, so most staff stay here for years and work with the same students year after year, developing strong, positive relationships that help shape a student’s success.


Parents play a critical role in the work we do with students. Between our parent-teacher-student conferences, parent communication with advisors, end-of-session evaluations, and our weekly AA (Academic Alert) forms sent home to parents, parents have many opportunities to hear about and share information on their child.

We also host a number of parent events during the year, from our potluck dinners to our Art Exhibit to our Poetry Night. We love having parent volunteer help on a number of school-wide events as well.


Parkmont’s home-like building and small size mean that many students leave here with strong connections to their friends. It is not uncommon that we hear our alumni are in contact with one another. Because our program is not divided by grade, students are often friends with kids who are not their same age. We therefore hold multi-year reunions, every five years or so, giving all our alumni a chance to see one another.