Transforming students.

Outcomes at Parkmont are as diverse as our student body. Students experience what we call “Transformational Education” — an approach that transforms and transitions kids who need and want help, onto paths of success.

Every year we have middle or high school students who use our support to transition back to their neighborhood school after challenging moments or years. After their experience here, they are better prepared for the challenge of operating in those structures. In the last ten years, we've had students finish high school at Field, Edmund Burke, BCC, Wootton, Montgomery Blair, Nora, and more. We help students prepare for transitions to part-time college study, and for gap years that involve work and travel. And every year we have kids who graduate as seniors and go off to college, some of them having been with us since middle school.

The goal of the program is simply to help students develop the skills, motivation, self-confidence, and intentionality they need to advance educationally and socially. For some students, this is a 6 or 7-year process. For others, it is a shorter transition, while maturity kicks in. We help them re-frame their role and possibilities in school, allowing them to concentrate on what their job is, and not on what's happening with 200 other kids in the hallway at a larger institution.

Some of this year's most serious college applicants weren't even sure they would finish high school 3-4 years ago. Over the last 15 years, Parkmont students have gone on to attend an amazing array of higher-learning opportunities, including Columbia University, George Washington University, John's Hopkins, University of Maryland (UMCP & UMBC), and many more.

Transformational Education helps each student find a unique path to success. Here are examples of some of those paths.