Staying connected to Parkmont

Below you will find some information about your child’s school day and each session at Parkmont. You may refer to the student handbook for more information, or, of course, talk to your child’s advisor or Precious at the front desk if you have additional questions.

Parkmont Calendar

Beginning of Each Session

Upper School students need to be current by the second day of the session on all their fines and community service from the previous session in order to attend classes. Students are encouraged to make up their fines and community service throughout the session, rather than wait until the last day.

Last Day of Each Session

Upper School students will have time, if needed, to do writing for their Internship templates. There is no school for students who are current with their templates. Upper School students are expected to go to their Internships in the afternoon.

Middle School students will do special trips and be finished at 12 noon.

Click here to see the current school calendar.


Parent/Teacher Conferences

Parent/teacher conferences are an important link between home and school. They occur two times each year. Information about scheduling the parent/teacher conferences is distributed by the school office. All conferences include parents, student, advisor, and the director, along with teacher feedback. All communication will be handled by your child's advisor.

Grade Report Distribution

Teachers will prepare and distribute student progress reports five times each year. At the conclusion of each session, a student will receive an Evaluation for each course. Often an Interim Report is sent half-way through each session to provide your child's progress to date.

Re-enrollment Contracts

The Admissions Office will mail your re-enrollment contract in February of each year for your child's re-enrollment for the following school year. The contracts need to be returned by April to ensure space for your child.


The school offices will mail announcements about school events throughout the year. Over the summer, you will receive a school packet that will contain important school forms, your school calendar, and other important information for the first day of school.

School Policies

School policies are outlined in the Student Handbook, which is distributed at the beginning of the school year. This is an invaluable communications tool. It contains a directory of all faculty, staff, trustees, parent contacts, and current families. It also contains rules and policies of Parkmont as set by the trustees, faculty, and administrators. The directory and handbook are for the private use of Parkmont families.

Annual Giving Campaign

Parkmont Development Office will notify you by mail about the school's Annual Giving drive. This annual campaign supports the education your child receives that school year. Campaign volunteers work toward receiving 100% participation among Parkmont parents. Your support for and dedication to the school are what allows Parkmont to provide unique learning opportunities for your student and all students.

Inclement Weather Policy

For information on school closings, after 6 a.m., please check out our homepage or listen to the school closings list on WTOP News (1500 am), or call the school at 202.726.0740 after 6 a.m. on the day in question.