Parkmont out in the world

We believe in making education manageable, fun, and engaging. Classroom activities, lessons, field trips, internships, and an innovative school day structure are components of what we do at Parkmont. We thought you might like to see some of what our students do.

Upper School Internships

Upper School students have been hard at work at their internship sites all year long. They spend three hours, twice a week, at their internship sites (completing 180 hours over the year.) Students delve into an industry that interests them, learning work skills while also building their resumes, work relationships, and career aspirations. Internship sites this year include Joe's Record Paradise, Theatre Lab, Brookside Gardens, East City Bookshop, The Studio Grooming Salon, and many, many more.

Puerto Rico, April 2017

The Upper School students taking the History, Culture, and Ecology of Puerto Rico class were able to see the island in person in April 2017.  The group had an amazing adventure. 

Field Day, November 2016

Students enjoyed an all-school Field Day at Carter Barron park on Tuesday, November 15, 2016.  Activities included a three-legged race, egg toss, capture the Flag, and more!

Fall 2016 in the Shenandoahs

On a beautiful October day, Parkmont's middle school headed to the Shenandoahs for a hike. It was wonderful to spend the day outdoors with friends in nature. More pictures coming soon!

2015-16 Upper School Internships

A few of our upper school interns happily at work!

Parkmont Delves in Deep at the Grand Canyon, Spring 2016

Spring 2016, Parkmont Upper Schoolers were offered a geology course called The Grand Canyon: A Natural Wonder of the World.  Students in the course concluded the session by visiting the Grand Canyon in person and hiking and partaking in this national treasure.  Take a look at the photos to learn more!

Florida Trip 2015

Over Winter Break, while everyone in DC was donning parkas and mittens, Parkmont's ecology class went to Florida!  The week long adventure took them to Miami, Homestead, and the Everglades.  Students learned about the intricacies of the enviroment and were able to explore via foot, bicycle, canoe, kayak, and even houseboat.  Eveyone agreed that the trip was a success and learned about a world so different and yet so similar to their own.  Take a look at what they saw!

2015 Parkmont Ski Trip

Parkmont hit the slopes at Whitetail Resort in Pennsylvania for the 2014-15 annual ski trip!  Students honed their skills on downhills and challenge courses, and many students learned to ski or snowboard for the first time.  Take a look and see all the fun we had!

  • Aisha gets ready for her first day skiing!
  • Snowboarders and skiers can get along!
  • Becaye and Jared warm up by the fire place.
  • Elise practices maneuvering.
  • Staff member Alex poses with upper school students on the slopes.
  • Eva prepares for the day.
  • Gigi and Alex goof around at the lodge.
  • Grace gets ready to snowboard.
  • You have to get used to falling when you are learning!
  • Lidya is happy to be skiing as part of her school day!
  • Up, up, and away!
  • Learning the basics in a ski lesson.
  • Rita practices her hardcore look for tackling those black diamonds.
  • Rose and Garret are giddy to get on the lift.
  • Upper School students pose after a successful day on the slopes!
  • Victory practices "the pizza" technique to slow down.

California Trip 2014

This year, the US Immigration class went to California to explore the many different levels of current and historical immigration in the US. Parkmont students visited the border between Mexico and the United States, New Roots Community Garden in San Diego, Chinatown in San Francisco, Angel Island off the coast of California, and many other locations important to understanding the immigrant experience. The class took students from San Diego to San Francisco, taking in the culture and the sights, learning and having fun the whole way. Here are some of the things they saw!

  • Parkmont students posing in front of the Pacific Ocean.
  • Historical ships on the California coast.
  • John Muir gets some love from Parkmont students and staff.
  • Students had their portraits done in San Diego.
  • Siting inside of a redwood tree
  • Taking bikes out on the boardwalk
  • In front of John Muir woods
  • At the border between Mexico and the United States
  • At New Roots Community Garden in San Diego
  • "El Inmigrante" street art in San Fransisco

2013-14 Internships

Parkmont students had incredible experiences at their Internships in 2013-14. This spring, we captured a number of our Upper Schoolers on site, at various jobs ranging from the National Zoo to a variety of not-for-profits, government agencies, and local shops!

  • Natalie - Prepping some goodies at Fancy Cakes by Leslie
  • Ammanuel - Learning new skills by fixing computers at Vital Tech Computer Repair
  • Eva - Busy painting a panel for her work at Pyramid Atlantic
  • Lucas - Cleaning the horse mats at Rock Creek Horse Center
  • Kevin - Getting down and dirty at Rock Creek Horse Center
  • Jackson - Learning how to fix and manage bikes at City Bikes
  • Margarita - Sorting through clothing at the store for Martha’s Table
  • Andrew - Getting friendly with a kitty at Pet Planet
  • Biniam - Sorting and repairing televisions at Graffiti Audio/Visual
  • Nico - Taking a break from assessing migratory patterns of birds at a lab for the National Zoo
  • Wyatt - Showing off his courage holding a scorpion at the Invertebrate House at the National Zoo

2012-2013 Internships

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Parkmont’s Ski Trip 2013

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Parkmont’s Fall Adventures

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Parkmont School in Alaska

After studying the history, geography, ecology, and culture of Alaska for five weeks in their Main Lesson, eight Parkmont students and their teacher (and a few additional chaperones) headed to Alaska for nine days. Their experience confirmed everything they had learned: Alaska is a vast, beautiful, remote, wild place filled with incredible wildlife and more mountains than you could believe. Our students saw moose, caribou, bears, a wolf, humpback whales and orca killer whales, sea lions, sea otters, puffins, bald eagles, golden eagles, porcupines, porpoises, and much more. They went dog sledding, hiking, glacier sighting, saw Denali National Park, and toured a number of fascinating museums. It was an incredibly fun, educational, exciting, and once-in-a-lifetime trip! Click on an image for a slideshow.

Parkmont’s Spring Adventure Day

On Wednesday, April 4, Parkmont students and staff headed out for one of our (many!) adventure trips in and about the city of Washington. One group went canoeing and kayaking from Jack’s Boathouse on the Potomac river in Georgetown. Another group went horseback riding at Calleva, while more students did the Ropes Course also at Calleva. A fourth group went bicycling along the Crescent Trail and canal Tow Path from Fletcher’s Boathouse. It was a beautiful spring day, and everyone had a great time in the outdoors getting exercise and in many cases learning a new skill! Click an image for a slideshow.

Parkmont School in Panama

Last spring, twelve Parkmont students and three Parkmont teachers went to Panama for a week. They went to the Panama Canal, canoed on Gatun Lake, connected with a local student drumming group, and much more. Following are some photos from the trip. Click on an image for a slideshow.

Arts Exhibition at Parkmont

Last April, Parkmont held its first-ever arts exhibition to showcase our students’ artwork. It was a lovely event, open to all families, with hors d’oeuvres, conversation, and soaking in lots of art. Artwork from Rachel’s “Exhibitions” class included paintings, 3-D work, collage, and photographs. There was a slide-show of the Panama Trip, as well as photographic works on display form the trip. The new student lounge, covered in a fun and creative mural painted by Alison’s “Murals” class was also on display. What a wonderful evening! This year’s Arts Exhibition will be held on Thursday, April 26th. Click an image for a slideshow.