What students say about Parkmont.

Angy Engelhardt

“This school has had a big impact helping me succeed in school and become more happy with myself. I look forward to learning much more than I did at my past school, because Parkmont has given me confidence in myself. Not only is this school great for learning, but it’s also a great support system. Since there are smaller numbers of people in this school, I get the attention and one-on-one learning that I need from my teachers. We are also given a lot of responsibility. I have been here for all four years making almost all A’s.”

April Davis

“The student body at Parkmont is extremely diverse: different cultures, races, economic situations and backgrounds. But these are not barriers for building relationships. They help us see how different people live and how we all relate to each other and society. Parkmont’s diversity helps break down walls of bias and prejudice to open doors to different people and experiences that help to mold us and prepare us for the world beyond high school. We are like a big family at Parkmont.”

Patrick Jodrie-Black

“Theatre at Parkmont is great for a number of reasons, but the primary reason is that we are actually exposed to live theatre. During the course of this Main Lesson, we not only read six complete play scripts but we also attended live productions of Boy Gets Girl at the Theatre Alliance and Orpheus Descending at Arena Stage. These plays expose us to the world of professional theatre, and also give us criteria for understanding dramatic literature, set design, acting and a whole pantheon of other stage-related jobs that need to be done properly in order to make a production work well. These are experiences that we wouldn't be able to get from just reading a script. They needed to be acted out in front of us by people who love theatre just as much as we may someday.”

Carl Neverson

“When I first came to Parkmont Middle School, it was a completely new environment for me, but the teachers, students and classes made it fun from the start. We took trips to places I’d never been, like the canoeing trip to Sycamore Island and the ropes course at FLOC. I loved the challenge of doing something a lot of other people had trouble with.”

Catherine Augustin

“I think that Parkmont’s Upper School is good for people who like small schools. Parkmont has engaging classes that give you a great education. The thing that I like best about Parkmont is the fact that students can be really close to their teachers.”

Rachel Tyner

“Trips at Parkmont are one of the best things that this school has to offer. I have been on two 10-day trips: one to the Smoky Mountains to go backpacking, and the other to the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico. Both trips were fantastic, and, at Parkmont, everybody has the opportunity to have these experiences.”

Tony Batten

“I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to do internships because they have been a good experience for me as I have actually been able to work in real workplaces. From interning at various places I have gained knowledge, and through letters of recommendation from supervisors I was able to get my first paying job once the internship ended.”