Why Parkmont?
We help students learn how to succeed in school — and in life.

Parkmont School provides an environment for transformation and transition — from challenge to success. We've created a sensible, sound, and sensitive approach to the individual needs of each student, calibrating learning to abilities. It's a process that requires patience, plenty of one-on-one interaction between students and faculty, and a personal investment in finding what works, one student at a time. After 50 years and thousands of students, we can confidently say, "It works."

There’s no such thing as a typical Parkmont student. We have broad experience working with a spectrum of families — from those dealing with diagnosed or labeled issues to more subtle or nuanced situations, but all of whom have encountered frustration navigating their way through larger or more conventional programs. They come to Parkmont looking for practical help and what they’ve always found here is the opportunity to create promising futures.

Parkmont is an intentionally small school for grades 6 through 12, founded in 1972 as Washington’s only unique middle school, then adding high school when we merged with Somerset School in 1991. We have our own original, progressive approach to engaging students in the endeavor of getting educated and being prepared for high school, college, and life beyond. Our students work in small, multi-grade classes that rely on a blend of classroom work, real-life experiences, travel, and technology — a diversity of traditional and non-traditional classrooms to augment our home campus on 16th Street. There are three major components to our program: 1) a streamlined academic structure that emphasizes hands-on learning; 2) comprehensive academic support services; and 3) an expansive, thoughtful, and well-supervised internship program.

Key elements include:

  • building a simple, manageable daily structure and planning different kinds of work to keep students engaged
  • finding and nurturing a connection between student interests and academic endeavor
  • modifying, customizing, and constantly calibrating the critical balance of challenge and support for each student
  • harnessing the transformational energy, enthusiasm, and experience our dedicated staff brings to school every day, to encourage students and inspire motivation

Parkmont's approach helps students with a variety of challenges. Here's who we help.